is Parshuram still alive?

Is Parshuram still alive?

According to mythology, he was born on Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya in Jalalabad of Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, pleased with the Putreshti Yagya performed by Maharishi Jamadagni, son of Maharishi Bhrigu, as a boon from the womb of his wife Renuka, as a boon from Devraj Indra. Which is known as Parshurampuri.

Lord Parshuram's father gave him the blessing of being still alive on the earth when he cut our mother's head by our fathers' command. this is the reason for lord Parshuram is still alive


Lord Parshuram's father gave him the blessing

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Why did Parshuram kill his mother?

Once his mother went to the river to fill an urn with water. There Gandharva Chitraratha was playing water with Apsaras. Renuka became so engrossed in seeing him that there was a delay in fetching water and the time of Yagya was over. Understanding his mental state, Jamadagni asked his sons to kill him. 

Lord Parshuram killing our mother

No one was ready to do this except Parashurama. At the behest of his father, Parashurama killed his mother. On being pleased with his father, he asked for his survival as a boon. Parashurama's father, in a fit of anger, ordered his four sons in turn to kill the mother. 

No one was ready except Parashurama. So Jamadagni made everyone unconscious. Parashuram, obeying his father's orders, cut off the head of his mother. When the father was pleased and asked for a boon, he asked for four boons-

  • Mother be revived,
  • Let them not remember to die,
  • Brother become conscious and
  • I will be eternal

Jamadagni granted him all four boons.

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