Son of lord shiva

 Son of lord shiva

Lord Shiva had a total of 9 children. Two of his nine children, including a daughter and 8 sons, are rarely mentioned. When we talk about children, some of them are adopted and some of them are said to have been born in a miraculous way. 

Come let's know brief information about them.

 How many wives did Lord Shiva have? Different references are available in this regard. The first wife of Lord Shiva was Sati, the daughter of King Daksha. When this Sati gave her life by jumping into the fire of Yagya, later she was born as Parvati to Himavan and Hemavati and then married Shiva. The names of his third wife Kali, fourth Uma, and fifth Ganga Mata are taken.

Parvati ji had two sons and a daughter. The first son was named Kartikeya and the second one was named Ganesh. The daughter of lord shiva was named Ashok Sundari. Lord shiva's daughter's name was Ashok Sundari. It is said that Mother Parvati had created this daughter only to end her loneliness (Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional response to perceived isolation).

sons of lord shiva

Kartikeya:- Kartikeya is also known as Subramaniam, Murugan and Skanda. According to the Puranas, Lord Kartikeya was born on Shashthi Tithi, hence his worship on this day has special significance.

Ganesha:- There are contradictory (not matching something else) stories of the origin of Ganesha in the Puranas. Ganesha was born on the afternoon of Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi. These Ganesha were originated (appear for the first time in a particular place or situation) by Parvatiji from sandalwood (in Hindi Chandan) paste.

Sukesh;- Shiva had a third son whose name was Sukesh. There were two demon brothers- 'Heti' and 'Praheti'. Praheti became virtuous and Heti married Bhaya, the daughter of 'Kaal', to expand his empire by taking over the throne. From Bhaya, a son named Vidyutkesh was born to him. Vidyutkesh was married to Sandhya's daughter Salkatankata. 

It is believed that 'Salakatankata' was an adulteress. Because of this, when his son was born, he was left unclaimed. Vidyutkesh also did not care for that son knowing that he does not know whose son is.

 According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati saw that orphaned child and they gave him protection. He named it Sukesh. It was from this Sukesh that the family of demons went.

 Jalandhar:- Lord shiva had a fourth son whose name was Jalandhar.  According to the Srimad Devi Bhagavata Purana, once Lord Shiva threw his effulgence into the ocean, Jalandhar was born. 

It is believed that Jalandhar had immense power and the reason for his power was his wife Vrinda. Due to Vrinda's virtuous religion, all the gods and goddesses together were not able to defeat Jalandhar. Jalandhar had planned to defeat Vishnu and snatch Goddess Lakshmi from Vishnu. 

Then Vishnu broke Vrinda's husband's religion. Vrinda's virtuous religion was broken and Shiva killed Jalandhar.

 Ayyappa:- Lord Ayyappa's father is Shiva and his mother is Mohini. Seeing the Mohini form of Vishnu, Lord Shiva had ejaculated. His semen was called Parad and from his semen later a son named Sasthava was born, who was called Ayyappa in South India. Being born from Shiva and Vishnu, he is called 'Hariharaputra'. 

Andhak:- A son named Andhak is also said but his mention is rarely found.

 Khuja:- According to the mythological description, Khoja came out of the earth like bright rays and went straight towards the sky.

There is a famous temple of Ayyappa Swamy in Sabarimalai in the Indian state of Kerala, where people from all over the world come to visit the temple of this son of Shiva. Near this temple, on the night of Makar Sankranti, a light is seen here living in the thick darkness. Millions of devotees from all over the world come every year to see this light.

 Bhuma: Once upon a time when Lord Shiva was meditating in the samadhi on Mount Kailash, three drops of sweat fell on the earth from his forehead. That's why being the son of the land, it was called Bhuma.

 When something big happened, Mangal reached Kashi and did severe penance of Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva was pleased and granted him, Mangal Lok. From these drops, the earth gave birth to a beautiful and lovely child, who had four arms and was of blood color. Prithvi started taking care of this son.