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Radha Krishna love story

Radha Krishna's love story

The love story of RadhaKrishna is seen all over the world from their own point of view, some describe them as a loving couple and some childhood love.

But the reality is just the opposite, because of their intelligence and limited conscience, people have understood and explained the love story of RadhaKrishna to something else.

Radha krishna love story
Radha Krishna love story

Thus, where there is love, there is no logic, that is why Krishna lovers never get involved in these controversies, but the unveiling (to show something new to the public for the first time) of truth is also necessary.

Radha-Krishna's love was not that physical love upon which the thinking of worldly beings stops.

Radheya's love for the world was that nectar of knowledge which cannot be bound by any ideology(
a set of ideas), where there is Krishna there is no work, there is no materiality, there is supernaturality.

Radhakrishna Childhood Story

When Krishna met Radha he was only six years old, and when he went to Mathura he was fifteen.

Radha Rani was also the dearest companion of Krishna in that childhood and also the beloved, she was older than Krishna and was Krishna's guru.

In fact, like Krishna, Radha was also divine, she gave Jagadguru the initiation of love and affection which is memorable for the world.

Radhakrishna grew up in a cowherd family, and the cowherd used to control the cows by playing the flute while grazing the child cows.

But Krishna's flute art was extraordinary, the sound of his flute was captivating, so much so that he himself would get so lost in his flute that he could not even remember himself, Radha Ji would have been very angry at this.

Radha Krishna love story
Radha Krishna love story

Because at this time he used to ignore the words of Radha Ji.
Radha Rani called the flute bad many times but neither broke nor threw Krishna's flute.
Because his love was far above the compulsions to gain or lose Krishna.

Radha means success. The fifth mantra of the first chapter of Yajurveda prays for success in accepting the truth from God and being determined to renounce untruth.

When Krishna went to Mathura

Krishna went to Mathura at the end of his childhood, after which he went to Gurukul and then to Dwarka.

Radha Krishna love story
Radha Ji stop Shree Krishna

But perhaps a lot of people must have understood that after Radha, Krishna was not infatuated with anyone, the image of Krishna's love-leader never appeared again, he became a disciple, became a warrior, became a guru, became a friend, became a yogi. , but never became lovers again.

Once Krishna's friend Uddhav Ji, who was engaged in telling the importance of knowledge and yoga, then, Krishna wrote a letter to him, on which Krishna wrote that:-"I will not come back now you all forget me and meditate in yoga" and said that by taking it to the people of Braj and making them familiar with the importance of yoga.

Radha Krishna love story
Udhav Ji  and Shree Krishna ji

Parabrahma's writing for Uddhav Ji was similar to the Vedas, he took care of it, went to Braj, and showed it to Radha Ji, distraught in Krishna's separation, Radha Rani gave it to the gopis without reading it and the gopis broke it into many pieces without reading it. divided among themselves.

Uddhav Ji was shocked, started shouting, oh fools, on this Jagadguru, has written the knowledge of yoga, are you not in Krishna's separation, who did not even read his writings.

Then Radha Ji explained to Uddhav

"Udhau, you became a fool, came running with a penny. Where should we keep the yoga? Here is Rome Rome Shyam"

That is, O Udhau Krishna has not gone from here at all?

Krishna will be Yogeshwar for the world here, even now he is playing the flute on every ghat tree covered in dust.

Tell me where is the separation?

This knowledge is a guide for today's age when we seek Krishna in pomp.
Why the physical meeting of Radha Krishna could not happen?

While going to Mathura, Radha Rani had stopped Krishna's path, but Krishna had explained to him that if I became tied to you, then the purpose of my birth would go in vain, the kingdom of sin and unrighteousness would continue to spread in the world.

I cannot kill as a lover, I cannot create war by living in Braj, I cannot hold a chakra while playing the flute.

And it is also true that after separation from Radha, Krishna never touched the flute.
Krishna had asked Radha to accompany him on his way to Mathura, but Radha was also Krishna's guru, she could understand that I would not stop the cycle of time by tying him to the one who has to teach the world the path of liberation from attachment.

And he took a promise from Krishna that he would return when he had fulfilled all the purposes of his birth-incarnation, and it happened that even after Krishna fulfilling all the purposes of his birth, and free from the duty of his incarnation, always belong to Radha. 

They are no longer found in Dwarka, nor in Kurukshetra, they still run on the land of Braj with Radha Rani blowing dust far and wide.
Some bitter relations of Radha with Krishna, which even Lord Krishna did not have the answer to.

Dwarkadhish Krishna and Radha were walking in heaven from Lord Krishna when suddenly both of them came in front of each other.

Before Krishna could say anything, Radha spoke so much.
How are you Dwarkadhish? The address of Dwarkadhish from the mouth of Radha, who used to call him Kanha Kanha, injured Krishna to the core.

Still, Krishna while taking care of himself said to Radha, "I am the same Kanha for you even today."

Radha said, nothing like this ever happened to me, neither did I remember you nor shed tears because we had never forgotten where you were, which you would have remembered.

Radha said, nothing like this ever happened to me, neither did I remember you nor shed tears because we had never forgotten where you were, which you would have remembered.

Radha said, nothing like this ever happened to me, neither did you remember nor shed tears because we have ever forgotten you, where were you remembering
If you can hear some bitter truths and questions, will you tell me?

Have you ever wondered how far you have fallen behind in this progress?
Started life from the freshwater of Yamuna and reached the salt water of the sea?

Relying on the Sudarshan Chakra that plays on one finger and forgetting the flute that plays on ten fingers?

Kanha, when you were associated with love, the finger which used to lift the Govardhan mountain and save people from destruction? What color did the same finger show when it was separated from love?

By lifting the Sudarshan Chakra, it started working for destruction, tell me what is the difference between Kanha and Dwarkadhish?

If you were Kanha, you would have gone to Sudama's house, Sudama would not come to your house.


Is this the difference between war and love? In war, you win by erasing, and in love, you win by erasing. Kanha A man immersed in love may remain unhappy but does not hurt anyone.