who killed abhimanyu

 who killed Abhimanyu?

The war of Mahabharata was fought on the land of Kurukshetra. Mahabharata also teaches us many qualities related to life management. 

In the Dwapara Yuga i.e. Mahabharata period, there was more than one warrior, in which Abhimanyu is prominent.

Abhimanyu fighting with kaurav

There are many interesting stories associated with Abhimanyu, according to one, Abhimanyu learned the art of piercing the Chakravyuh from Arjuna when he was in his mother's womb.

 It is said that only Arjuna knew the art of penetrating the Chakravyuh and when he was sharing this art with his wife Satyabhama, Abhimanyu was in the womb and thus he learned the technique of penetrating the Chakravyuh. It is said that Shri Krishna was behind this entire Leela.

Actually, Arjun's son Abhimanyu had entered it alone to penetrate the Chakravyuh. Abhimanyu was mighty and knowledgeable as well as he knew the art of penetrating the Chakravyuh, but it is said that he did not know how the last gate of the Chakravyuh would be broken.

After Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh, he successfully broke 6 gates and killed many stalwarts, including Duryodhana's son Lakshmana.

 After this, the Kauravas broke all the rules of war to kill Abhimanyu, and seven greats like Duryodhana, Jayadratha together surrounded Abhimanyu alone. Even after the breaking of Abhimanyu's chariot, Abhimanyu continued to fight with the wheel of the chariot but this was not enough and in the end, Abhimanyu attained Veergati.