who killed jatayu in ramayana

 Who killed jatayu in Ramayana?

When Ravana was kidnapping Sita Mata, Jatayu fought Ravana with great valor. It would not be wrong to say that Jatayu is the first soldier to be martyred in the work of Lord Rama.

Jatayu's sacrifice did not go in vain. On the one hand, where Jatayu met Rama in Panchavati, he died in Dandakaranya. There is a temple of Giddharaj Jatayu in Dandakaranya of Chhattisgarh. This is the only temple in the world.

It is believed that Arun is the charioteer of Surya and his sons are Sampati and Jatayu. As a child, Jatayu and Sampati flew to touch the Sun. Jatayu stopped in the middle but Sampati reached very close to the Sun. Because of which his wings got burnt.

Because of which he fainted and fell on the beach. In such a situation, a sage named Moon blessed him that when the apes come here in search of Sita, then you will get your wings again by seeing her.

In the same way, Jatayu was a friend of Dasaratha, the father of Rama. That's why he respected her a lot. After the death of Jatayu, Rama performed his last rites with great rituals. Today there is a temple of Jatayu.