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who killed kartavirya arjuna son

 Who killed kartavirya arjuna son?

Sahastrabahu's sons were looking for an opportunity to avenge their father. One day when Parashurama and his brothers were not in the ashram, Sahastrabahu's sons came to the ashram. Jamadagni was sitting in meditation in the Yagya-mandapa. 

Lord Parashurama

Sahastrabahu's sons cut off his head. They also took his head with them. Renuka started moaning, started chanting. Coincidentally, Parashurama arrived soon after. The bereaved became enraged upon hearing of his father's beheading from his mother's mouth. 

Lord Parashurama ran towards Mahishmati with his Parashu. He destroyed Mahishmati. He also killed Sahastrabahu's sons. He brought his father's head and gave it to his mother. 

Renuka became sati along with her husband. After this incident, Parashurama had destroyed the earth twenty-one times from the Kshatriyas. When Shri Ram pacified his anger, then he went to the mountain and started doing penance. His valor and valor made him immortal.