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Who killed Parshuram father

 Who killed Parshuram's father?

Sahastrabahu's original name was Kartavirya Arjuna. He was very mighty and brave. He had pleased his guru Dattatreya and received a thousand arms from him as a boon. Kartavirya Arjuna was also known as Sahastrabahu because of having thousands of arms.


 He had attained all the siddhis. Sahastrabahu had asked Jamadagni, the father of Parashurama, for his Kamdhenu cow. 

On Jamadagni's refusal, his soldiers took Kamdhenu with them by force. Later Parshuram came to know about the whole incident, so he single-handedly destroyed the entire army of Sahastrabahu and also killed Sahastrabahu.

Sahastrabahu took Kamadhenu with him. At that time there was no Parashurama in the ashram. When Parashurama came to the ashram, his father Jamadagni told him how Sahastrabahu had come to the ashram with his soldiers and how he took Kamadhenu with him by force.


 Hearing the incident, Parashurama got furious. Keeping his Parashu on his shoulder, he started towards Mahishmati, because Sahastrabahu used to reside in Mahishmati only. Sahastrabahu was still on the way to Mahishmati, that Parashurama reached him. 

When Sahastrabahu saw that Parashurama was moving at a great speed, he raised his armies to face him.

 On one side there were thousands of soldiers, on the other hand, Parashurama was alone, a fierce battle started. Parashuram single-handedly brought all the soldiers of Sahastrabahu to the face of death. 

When Sahastrabahu's entire army was destroyed, he himself landed on the battlefield. With his thousand hands, he started throwing a thousand arrows at Parashurama at once. Parashurama started destroying all his arrows with two hands. 

When the arrows had no effect, Sahastrabahu uprooted a big tree and took it in his hand, and pounced on Parashurama. Parashurama not only broke the tree into pieces with his arrows, he also cut off Sahastrabahu's head and dropped it on the earth. He slept on the battlefield forever.