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Krishna Janmashtami : The born story of Lord Krishna

 The Born Story of Lord Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami : The born story of lord Krishna
Lord Vishnu, Devaki, and Vasudev

This comes from Dwapara Yuga where the burden (something that is heavy and difficult to carry) of injustice increased in the world. Demons have caused much damage to the earth. 

She was so upset that Mother Earth took the form of a cow and went to the god and said to them, "O God, protect me, the fear of these demons is increasing on me, get rid of it." The gods had no solution in this matter of Mother Earth. At this, he decided to go to Brahma Ji, and all the gods, including the mother of the earth, went to Brahma Ji.

King Ugrasena was ruled here in Mathur. He was a kind king, but his son Kansa was cruel and selfish. He(Kansa) loved the throne so much. One day, King Ugrasena was deposed by his power and imprisoned and became king, but Kansa loved his sister Devaki very much.

Devaki married Vasudeva

One day Devaki married Vasudeva, the son of King Shurasen. After the wedding, when Kansa started sending Devaki away, then it was Oracle that Devaki's eighth child was going to kill him. Hearing of this, the ground slipped under Kansa's feet and imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva in prison.

Decided to kill all of Devaki's children

After this, he began to wonder which of Devaki's eight children would be the number one son who would kill me? Because of this confusion, he decided to kill all of Devaki's children. Each killed Devaki's six children by slapping them on the rock.

According to King Vishnu's plan, Sheshnag was to be born as Devaki's seventh child. When Devaki became pregnant with her seventh child, Gods and Goddesses aborted her. Also, the baby was born in the womb of Rohini, Vasudev's first wife. The child later became known as Balarama, the older brother of Shri Krishna.

After this, in Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Bhadra pada, the eighth child of Devaki was born in Rohini Nakshatra. As soon as he was born, all the soldiers slept alone. Devaki and Vasudev's handcuffs were opened as well as the prison doors.

open on its own. They both did not understand anything and then Akashvani left the son and Nand Baba in Gokul.

How many years ago was Shri Krishna born?

As the earth is rotating, so will all our ages repeat. Life will never end. So after the end of Kali Yuga, Satya Yuga will start again. Then Lord Vishnu will again take birth on earth in a new incarnation (a period of life on earth in a particular form) like the incarnation of Krishna in Dwapara Yuga.

In short: Shri Krishna was born about 5,000 years ago.