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Krishna putana story in english

 Krishna Putna story

Krishna putana story tells you that how Kansa try to kill Lord Krishna in childhood. Read Krishna putana story and know-how Krishna kill putana

After the consecration of Kansa in Mathura city, Kansa spread his terror in his kingdom Mathura. In which he killed many newborn children by snatching them from their mothers. 

Slowly time passed and one day when Nandarai Ji reached Mathura city. He told Maharaj Kansa that a son has taken birth in our house. 

For this Maharaj, Kansa congratulated him because Nandarai Ji was the overlord of Gokul. Because of this, Maharaj Kansa used to have great respect for Nand Rai Ji.

 And Kansa asked him when the son was born in your house and Nand Rai Ji explains! That the son was received in our house on the day of Ashtami!

 Hearing this, Kansa leaves the palace and goes to his bedroom, and consults his special clever minister Charuda! That the girl who was born from the eighth womb of Devaki was on the same day of Ashtami and Kansa comes to know that!

Someone had cheated him and changed the child born from the eighth womb of Devaki by deceit. Therefore Kansa called the demonic Putana to kill the son of Nanda Rai.

The demonic Putana's body was much bigger than the rest, she goes from Mathura to Gokul, and takes the form of a beautiful Brahmini. 

Putna takes the form of a Brahmin and reaches Nandarai's house and tells him that! I am from Mathura and my husband is a Siddha Brahmin. Those who saw from their divine vision that a divine child had taken birth in Nandarai's house.

Goddess tells Yashoda that I have come to see your son! Putna entraps them in the web of her illusion and takes Lord Krishna with her. 

She tells them that I have got a siddhi! my breast. The nectar juice keeps rooting continuously if I give the nectar of my breast to your Lalla! Then your Lalla will be immortal! Putting yourself in these sweet things, I am pissed off. The poisonous milk is given to Lord Krishna.

But Lord Shri Krishna himself was a very miraculous child. As soon as the demonic Pootna feeds her milk, the opposite effect happens to the demonic Putna. 

Due to which the whole body starts burning and she assumes the same formidable form. The demonic Putna flies in the sky with Lord Krishna! Despite making many possible efforts, she could not get rid of Shri Krishna.

 All the wish falls on Putna, due to which she falls in a nearby forest. Due to the poison, the demonic Putna dies there.

Seeing all this, Nandarai Ji and Yashoda get scared and follow him into the forest. So let's see that Putna is lying dead on the ground and Lord Krishna is playing on her formidable body. Thus Lord Krishna killed the demonic Putana.


Seeing this miracle, the residents of Gokul address Yashoda's Lalla as a miraculous child. It is said that Shri Krishna is our savior who will free us from the atrocities of Kansa.