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Who was putna in previous birth?

 Who was putana in previous birth?

Garga Samhita and Brahma Vaivarta Purana also discuss the pre-birth of Putana as Ratnamala, the daughter of the demon king Bali.

 His name was Charumati. Charumati was married to a classmate. Once, a classmate had to travel abroad to do some work.

 Charumati was then reunited with Shudra. By the time Charumati's husband returned home, Charumati had changed from her husband, and she began to misbehave with her husband.

 Because of his wife's condition, Kakshivan began to live a miserable life. Kakshivan then tried to find out the whole situation with his Tapobal.

When he learned the truth, Kachin got very angry. He cursed his Charumati and said he had a demon and said - O Kulakshini! He cheated on me and fell in love with Shudra. 

As a result, you have lost your moral sense. That is why I curse you that from now on you will enter the devil's demons and find freedom in this sinner. 

There God himself will give you salvation. Charumati then found a demon and after killing the children began eating their blood.