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Born Story Of Lord Kartikeya

Born Story Of Lord Kartikeya 

As you all know the moment the jubilee of Champa Shashthi is being celebrated in numerous corridor of the country. Meanwhile, we told you what's the significance of this day. Meanwhile, now we're going to tell you the story of the birth of Lord Kartikeya. Yes, there are veritably many people who know how Lord Kartikeya was born. 


 According to religious legends, the story of the birth of Kumar Kartikeya is relatively different. According to what has been described in it, all kinds of Asuras had created terror in Devlok.

 Gradationally all the gods started getting defeated by these asuras. Seeing the terror of the demons adding continuously, the worried deity went in front of Brahma Ji. 

 Also, Lord Brahma ji told the divinities about the destruction of these asuras by the son of Lord Shiva. But at that time Lord Shiva was absorbed in Samadhi due to the separation of Mother Sati in the cycle.

 After which Indra together with all the gods allowed a way to awaken Lord Shiva from the samadhi. And took the help of Lord Cupid. Kamadeva broke the penance of Lord Bholenath but read to consume him. 

After this Lord Shiva married Mother Parvati and both of them went for insulation in the deodar timber. It's said that at that time Lord Shiva and Mama Parvati were abiding in a delve. 


 Also, a chump also went to the delve there and drank the semen of Lord Shiva. But he couldn't bear it and handed it over to Bhagirathi. 

Due to the swells of the Ganges, the semen got divided into 6 corridors and from this 6 boys were born. According to religious textbooks, these 6 children together came 6 heads, who latterly came to be called Kartikeya.