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Brahma Ji Took The Test of Shri Krishna

 Brahma Ji Took The Test of Shri Krishna

This is the story of when Shri Krishna was in his nonage. When Brahma Ji came to know that Lord Vishnu had expressed as Shri Krishna on earth, he came eager to see him.

 He came straight from Brahmaloka to earth. Then he saw a boy holding a peacock crown on his head. This boy was playing in the slush with cows and herdsmen. 

Seeing all this, Brahma Ji felt that how can this child be a manifestation of Vishnu. But seeing the brilliance on the child's face, Brahma Ji allowed to take Krishna Ji's examination. 


 Brahma Ji first picked up the cows from there. Also, he also removed the rancheros from there. He did this when Shri Krishna went to see the cows. Brahma Ji took the cows and rancheros with him to Brahmaloka.

 After some time when Brahma Ji came back to earth, he was shocked to see the situation. He saw that the cows and the cows and cows he'd taken with him to Brahmaloka were all playing with Krishna on the earth. 

Also, he meditated and tried to know the position of Brahmaloka. He saw that the cows and the cows and cows he'd taken with him to Brahmaloka were each there. 

After this, he understood the Leela of Shri Krishna. He apologized to Krishna with folded hands. He supplicated that he should see them in their true form. At the request of Brahma Ji, Shri Krishna showed him his true form. 

Numerous Brahmas came there to see this form of him. Some of these Brahma had three heads and some had a hundred heads. 

Seeing so numerous Brahmas besides himself, Brahmadev asked, O Lord! What kind of Leela is this? To this Shri Krishna said, O Brahmadev! You aren't the only one Brahma in this world. There are numerous worlds in the world, where numerous Brahmadevs are present. All of them have their own work. Hearing this, Brahmadev bowed his head and accredited him.