Devaki Married Vasudeva


Devaki Married Vasudeva

Bhagawan Vishnu had promised to be born to Vasudev and Devaki in Yaduvansh. Yadu-vansh had a long lineage(the series of families that somebody comes from originally and Srimad Bhagawat traces(a markback to King Pururava and Urvashi. King Yayati, born in Pururava’s lineage was married to Devayani and Sharmishtha. King Yadu was son of Yayati and Devayani. King Satvat was born in Yadu lineage. He was known for his valor(great courage and lack of fear) and good character. 

He'd seven sons – Bhajaman, Bhuji, Divya, Devavrudh, Vrushni, Andhak, and Mahabhoj. Vasudev was Vrushni’s assignee(a person appointed to act for another) and was born to Surasen. He was the eldest son of Surasen who had nine other sons and five daughters. Vasudeva was known for his virtue of being veracious. 


 Devaki was Andhaka’s assignee and was born to Devak. Ugrasen was Devaka’s family, who ruled Mathura. Kansa was Ugrasen’s eldest son yet by nature, he was a demon. Demon Kansa loved kinsman(relation) Devaki veritably(unreal) much as he didn't have a family. 

Devaki’s Marriage with Vasudev took place in Mathura. Kansa loved kinsman Devaki so much that he blessed her with four hundred mammoths and one hundred chariots to the new couple.

 At the end of the marriage form, the recently wedded couple was returning to Vasudeva’s home. He employed a huge army to companion the bridegroom and bride. He indeed decided to drive Devaki’s chariot himself as a gesture of affection. 


 While the procession was passing through the thoroughfares of Mathura, suddenly there was thunder and an Akaashwani could be heard. Addressing Kansa, that voice said, “ Guard you wisecrack! You love your family veritably much and are driving her chariot; still, you'll die at the hands of her eighth son.” 

 Harkening to the Akaashwani, Kansa was startled. He lost his temper with fear. With immense wrathfulness and abomination, he dropped the arm of the chariot and seized Devaki’s hair. He allowed if he'd kill Devaki right down also there would not be any son to her. He thundered and addressed Devaki, “ I poured so important love and affection onto you, but you'll be a mama of my killer! Hence I’m going to kill you first and also I don’t have to sweat my death.” 


 Vasudev was watching all this drama with surprise. He was hysterical of Kansa and tried to pacify Kansa, “ How can you kill your family, whom you love so much, on her marriage day! Please have mercy, take pity on her and save her life.” But Kansa didn't have any effect. Snappily Vasudev came up with another plan to save Devaki. 

He said, “ Dear Kansa, I understand that you're hysterical(very excited and unable to control your emotions) of Devaki after hearing the voice. But you should only be hysterical of her sons. I promise you to hand over every child to you as soon as it's born.” 


 After hearing the liberal offer from Vasudev, Kansa felt important relief. Vasudev was the veracious(accurate) man and Kansa believed his word. He let Vasudev and Devaki return. Vasudev was veritably happy. He praised Kansa and returned home with his bridegroom Devaki.