Dialogue of Uddhava and the Gopis

Dialogue of Uddhava and the Gopis

 Uddhav was a warrior as well as a mentor to the Yadavas. He had shown his might in Jarasandha's attacks. After the total destruction of the Yadavas in Dwarka, when Shri Krishna expressed his desire to ascend to heaven, Uddhav also requested him to accompany him. 

At that time Shri Krishna told that he is an incarnation of a god named 'Vasu'. This is his last birth. Thereafter Krishna taught them the path of yoga. 

This sermon is popularly known as 'Uddhav Geeta' or 'Avadhoot Geetardh'. On the orders of Krishna, Uddhav went to Badrikashram and ended his life while doing penance there.

When Shri Krishna remembers the separation and sorrow of his parents and the gopis during his stay in Mathura, he sends Uddhava to Nanda's Gokul and orders them to please the parents and pacify the separation and heat of the gopis. 

 Uddhava happily goes to Braj with Krishna's message and Nandadi pleases the gopas and gopis. Uddhava is greatly impressed by seeing the unrelenting affection of Kanta Bhava of the gopis for Krishna. 

He narrates this message of Krishna that I can never be separated from you, because I am the Self, I am always with you. I am away from you because you are always absorbed in my meditation. You will soon find me by being attached to me with a pure mind free of all desires and meditating on me.

meeting with nandbaba

Uddhava was a prominent man among the Vrishnavanshis. He was the disciple of Sakshat Brihaspati and the most intelligent. On coming to Mathura, Lord Krishna had made him his minister and intimate friend.

 When Uddhav reached Braj, Nand Baba was very happy to meet him. He showed his affection by hugging her. After the hospitality, Nanda Baba asked him about the well being of Vasudeva-Devaki and Krishna-Balram. Uddhav was engrossed in seeing Nand Baba and Yashoda Maiya's strong affection for Sri Krishna in their hearts.

respect by the gopis

When the gopis came to know that Uddhava had brought the message of Lord Krishna, they asked him the news of Shyamsundara when they met him in solitude. 

Uddhava said- "Gopis! Lord Shri Krishna is omnipresent. He pervades your heart and all matter-consciousness. You can never be separated from Him. With God's intellect in Him, you should realize the pervasive Shri Krishna everywhere." 

The gopis were pleased to hear this message of the beloved and they got pure knowledge. Out of love, remembering Krishna's graceful form and fine pastimes, he expressed his grievous separation and sorrow and prayed to Krishna for the salvation of Braj in the state of Bhavatirek. 

But after hearing the message of Shri Krishna, his estranged heat subsided. Knowing Lord Krishna as the witness of the senses, he worshiped and honored Uddhav thoroughly. Uddhav stayed in Braj for many months, mourning the Gopis.

The gopis said- "Uddhavji! We know that the greatest happiness in the world is not to expect anyone, yet we are unable to give up the hope of Shri Krishna's return. Our life is the hope of His good luck. Here's one." 

Each region is marked by the footprints of Shyamsundara. We cannot forget him even after dying. Seeing the supernatural love of the gopis, Uddhav's ego of knowledge was destroyed. He started saying - "I worship the feet of these gopa kumaris. 

The story of Sri Hari sung by them purifies the three worlds. It is only worthwhile for these gopanganas to take birth on earth. I have a strong desire that I Let me become a tree, a creeper or a tree in this Braj, so that the dust of these gopis may keep me pure."