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Do You know Why Sudama Got Poverty?

Do You know Why Sudama Got Poverty?


Sudama Ji

If seen from the spiritual point of view, Sudama Ji was very rich and prosperous, but from the material point of view, Sudama was very poor. This is the story behind Sudama's poverty.

There used to be a poor Brahmin, who used to earn her living by begging.

But there came a time when she did not get any alms for 5 days, then she used to drink water every day and go to sleep taking the name of God. On the sixth day, he got two handfuls of grain in alms. But when she reached the hut, it was night, then she thought that in the morning, after offering food to God, she would eat and she slept on a hungry stomach. She tied those grains in a cloth and slept.

But as soon as the Brahmin slept, some thieves entered his hut to steal and ran away with a bundle of grains tied in a cloth. Fearing to be caught, the thieves hide in Sandeepani Muni's ashram. This was the same ashram in which Krishna and Sudama were taking education.

Then Gurumata felt that someone had entered the ashram and she got up to see, the thieves ran away in fear but the same bundle was left in the escape. Here, a brahmin distraught with hunger cursed whoever eats his grains will become poor.

When Gurumata went to the ashram in the morning to sweep, she found a bundle of grains. Sudama and Krishna were going to get wood in the forest, as usual, then Gurumata gave the bundle of grains to Sudama and said son, when you both feel hungry in the forest, then eat these grains.

Sudama was a born theologian, he came to know as soon as he touched the bundle that whoever eats these grains will become poor.

Then Sudama thought that according to Gurumata, the grains are to be eaten by dividing them into two equal parts, in such a situation, Krishna will also be cursed with me to be poor and if Tribhuvan Lord Krishna becomes poor, then the whole creation will become poor and poor.

Then Sudama himself ate those grains and did not allow Krishna to eat. In this way, Sudama Ji himself took the curse of poverty and did not allow his friend Krishna to eat even a single grain.

This was the reason for Sudama's poverty.