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Krishna and Sudama's Friendship Story

Krishna and Sudama's Friendship Story

 The tutoring of the fellowship of Shri Krishna and Sudama is that whether the friend is rich or poor, it doesn't count. Everyone is equal in fellowship and it's the only relationship on earth that we can choose. Let's read the story of the fellowship of Krishna and Sudama. 


 According to Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran-“ King Parikshit said to the brahmins – “ Shri Krishna! There's no end to the power of Parabrahma Paramatma, the giver of love and deliverance. Thus their melodious and opulent pastimes are also endless. 


 Now we want to hear other pastimes of Shri Krishna, which you haven't described so far. Man has come veritably sad while searching for object- pleasure. 


 They keep poking his mind like an arrow. In such a situation, who would be such an expert in Rasik rasa, who would like to get down from him indeed after constantly harkening to the auspicious pastimes of Lord Krishna. 


 The soul that sings the praises of the Lord, that's the true voice. Those hands are true hands, which work for the service of the Lord. That mind is the true mind, which always remembers the Lord who resides in the living beings; And those cognizances are really good of being called cognizance, which hear to the righteous stories of God. 




 That head is the head, which curvatures down to the pastoral world considering it as a portable and irremovable image of God, and those who see God everyplace, those eyes are actually eyes. 


 The corridor of the body which is consumed by the bases of the Lord and His addicts are actually corridor; To be honest, having him is successful."


 Sutji says-“ Shaunkadi Rishis! When King Parikshit asked this kind of question, also Lord Shri Shukdevji's heart got occupied in Lord Shri Krishna. He told Parikshit as follows. 


 Shri Shukdevji while harkening to the story further said – “ Parikshit! A Brahmin was the stylish friend of Lord Krishna, his name was Sudama. He was a great theologian, detached from subjects, peaceful, and Jitendriya. Despite being a householder, he used to be happy with whatever he got according to his fortune, without keeping any kind of possession. 


 Not only were the clothes on his body torn and old, the condition of his woman was also the same. Like her hubby, she too was getting spare from hunger. 


 One day, the image of poverty came veritably sad, pulsing with hunger went to her hubby and said with a humble mouth-"God! The real Lakshmipati Lord Shri Krishna is your child's friend. He's the sucker of Bhaktawanchhakalpataru, Sharanagatavatsal, and the supreme sucker of brahmins. 


 Utmost fortunate Aryaputra! He's the only retreat of saints and saints. You go to your friend and recite the whole situation. 


 When they come to know that you have a family and it's delicate to maintain without food and you're unhappy because of this, they will help you by giving you a lot of plutocrats. 


 Nowadays he's abiding in Dwarka as the lord of Bhoja, Vrishni, and Andhakavanshi Yadavas, and is so generous that he indeed donates himself to those loving addicts who remember his lotus bases. 


  In such a situation, it isn't surprising if Lord Krishna bestows wealth and material pleasures, which aren't veritably desirable, to his addicts. 


 In this way, when Sudama's woman supplicated to her hubby numerous times with great modesty, she allowed to me that' wealth of wealth isn't a problem, But the darshan of his cherished Lord Shri Krishna will be of great benefit. 


 Allowing this, he decided to go to Dwarka and said to his woman-" Dear, how should I go to meet my friend empty-handed! 

 Is there anything in the house to give as a gift? If yes, give it. 


 Also, Sudama's woman asked for four smatterings of rice from the neighboring Brahmins' house and tied a cloth pack and gave it to Sudama Ji as immolation to the Lord. 


 After this, Sudama ji started walking for Dwarka with the pack of rice. While chanting bhajans of the Lord, he used to keep allowing on the way that how will I get the darshan of Lord Shri Krishna?'

 Sudama had pocks on his bases while walking. Shri Krishna was knowing everything through inner contemplation. Seeing his friend and supreme sucker, the Lord came to the aid of Sudama with a bullock wain and disguised himself as a businessman. 


 He requested Sudama Ji to sit with him in the bullock wain that he too is going towards Dwarka for some work. 


 Sudama Ji sat in it and Lord Shri Krishna led him to the door of Dwarka and himself took down. 


 Krishan Sudama milan 

 On reaching Dwarka, Sudama, along with other brahmins, crossed three cantons of dogfaces and three pillars and reached the palaces of Andhaka and Vrishnivanshi Yadavs who follow God's religion, where it's veritably delicate to reach. 


 Among them were the palaces of sixteen thousand queens of Lord Krishna. One of them requested the guard of the palace to enter Sudama. The palace was well decorated, veritably decorated. Sudama ji allowed that this would be the palace of Lord Krishna. 


 At the time of entering that megacity, he felt as if he was drowning in the ocean of Brahmanand. 


 Requested the watchman to convey the communication to his king that Sudama has come to his door and also told that Shri Krishna is his childhood friend. 

The guard came uncomfortable hail this and asked the Brahmin deity to return with the donation Dakshina. by