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Krishna Kaliya Naag Mardan

 Krishna Kaliya Naag Mardan

There are numerous intriguing stories related to Shri Krishna's child pastimes. One similar story is of Kaliya Nag. Shri Krishna had shattered his pride with his Leela, so let's hear this story. 


 This is about when Yashoda's father-in-law Kanhaiya used to live in Gokul. Yamuna swash flows near Gokul. Once Kaliya Nag made the Yamuna his home and poisoned the water of the swash with his bane. Creatures and catcalls and the people of the vill started dying after drinking that water. 

 Formerly, while playing with his musketeers, Shri Krishna reached the banks of swash Yamuna and suddenly his ball falls into the swash while playing. Now everyone knew about the water of Yamuna swash and Kaliya Nag living in it. Thus, no one was ready to go to the swash for fear of death. 


 Also, Shri Krishna said that I bring the ball. All the children stopped him from going into the swash, but he didn't agree and jumped into the swash. 

All the children reached home in fear and told Yashoda Maiya about Kanhaiya jumping into the swash. On hearing this Yashoda Maiya got spooked and started crying plaintively. Sluggishly this word spread like a campfire in the entire Gaekul Dham. 

Everyone ran and came to the banks of the Yamuna swash, but Krishna hadn't yet returned. At the same time, seeing Krishna in the swash, the women of Kaliya Nag asked him to go back, but Krishna didn't agree and also Kaliya Nag woke up.

 Krishna ordered Kaliya Nag to leave the Yamuna River, but Kaliya Nag refused and attacked him with the intention of killing Krishna. There was a fierce fight between Krishna and Kaliya Nag. After some time Kaliya got defeated and Krishna started dancing on his hood. 

 After getting tired, Kaliya Nag started soliciting Krishna to save his life. Also, Krishna asked him to go back to his place. Kalia said that Garuda will kill me there, how should I go there. On this Krishna said that the marks of my bases are on your hood, seeing that Garuda won't kill you. 


 After this Kaliya came out of the Yamuna swash carrying the Nag Shri Krishna on his hood and after that went to his place with his women. Everyone was overjoyed to find Krishna back safely and a festivity was held in Gokul.