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Vishvamitra and Sage Vashishta Kamadhenu Story

Vishvamitra and Sage Vashishta Kamadhenu Story

 Vishwamitra, before known as Kaushika, was a king who rejected Kshatriya duties and with his violent penance, came a Brahmarishi. The cause of this event was Vashishta. 


 Back when Vishwamitra was Kaushika, he visited the ashrama of Vashishta formerly with his entire army. Vashishta provisioned for the entire army with the aid of Kamadhenu, the want-fulfilling cow. Kaushika wished to take the cow for the weal of his area and asked Vashishta for Kamadhenu. 

But when Vashishta refused, Kaushika tried to take Kamadhenu by force. Vashishta, using his tapas, defeated Kaushika for insolence. Nursing his injuries, Kaushika sought vengeance. After pleasing Shiva and carrying numerous important munitions, Kaushika challenged Vashishta again. 


 With his Brahmadanda, Vashishta canceled all of Kaushika's munitions. In wrathfulness, Kaushika rejected his legionnaire strength and sought to come to a Brahmarishi. Kaushika performed a lot of penance and was awarded the title of Rajarishi. 

Unsatisfied, Kaushika began his penance again. In due time, Kaushika came a Rishi or saint. Still not satisfied, Kaushika performed more penance. When king Trishanku was rejected by Vashishta for his stupid want, Kaushika took the king under his protection. 


 When Trishanku wasn't suitable to enter Heaven and was thrown out, Kaushika used all of his penance to produce new heaven for the king, like a new Brahma. Trishanku was triumphant, but Kaushika had used up his entire tapas. 

Kaushika also went to perform further penance. He got the title of Maharishi. By now, Indra grew insecure about Kaushika and transferred his apsara, Menaka to betray the saint. She succeeded and kept Kaushika mixed in worldly affairs for some time. They had a child, Shakuntala. 


 Vishwamitra also left Menaka for further penance. This time, Indra transferred Rambha to betray Vishwamitra again. In wrathfulness, Vishwamitra cursed Rambha. Driven by guilt and dissatisfaction at his lack of emotional control, Vishwamitra went to do further penance. 

He came to a jitendriya, one who could control feelings, and Brahma Himself appeared to confer the title of Brahmarishi to Vishwamitra. Vashishta also honored Vishwamitra as Brahmarishi, because Vishwamitra had gained full control of his feelings and had truly come to a saint. 


 This is the story between Vashishta and Vishwamitra.