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Two Ways Of Salvation Given By Lord Krishna

 Two Ways Of Salvation Given By Lord Krishna

Arjuna said," O Purushottama, what is that Brahma, what is spirituality, what is action, who has been called Adhibhuta(all kinds of physical matter and animals) and who is called Adhidaiva, who is the Adhiyagya here and how is he in this body, O Madhusudan, how are you in the end times by the possessed souls? Come to know!"

Shri - Krishna - has - liberation - of - two - remedies - what - have told!

Param Akshar is Brahma and Para Prakriti (Jiva) is called Spirituality, which manifests the existence of beings is called renunciation.

O Arjuna, the superior of the body-bearers, Kshar Bhava, that is, perishable matter, is adhibhuta, the Purusha i.e. Hiranyagarbha, Brahma is adhideva, and in this body (in the innermost form) I am the master!

The person who leaves his body remembering me even in the last, he attains my form, there is no doubt about it!

O son of Kunti, Arjuna, remembering whatever emotion a person leaves the body in the end, he, being always conscious of that (end of eternity), is attained by him, that is, he goes into that vagina only!

That is why you remember me at all times and you who put your mind and intellect in me even after fighting will surely get me only!

O Pruthanandan, with a mind that is engaged in yoga and without thinking of others, contemplating on the Supreme Divine Person (a man who leaves the body) attains Him!

One who is omniscient, who rules over everything from the subtle to the most subtle, who is far beyond ignorance, thinks of such an inconceivable form of light like the sun, that is, the form of knowledge!

That devotional man is attained in the end time by the immovable mind and by the force of yoga by properly entering the prana in the middle of the forehead (on leaving the body) only to that Supreme Divine Person!

The Vedas, whom the people of the Vedas call Akshar, the one whom they attain, and the seekers who wish to attain and follow celibacy, I will say that verse in brief for you!

By stopping all the doors (of the senses), by controlling the mind in the heart, and by setting his life in the head, the seeker was rightly situated in the yoga concept, which the seeker ️ left the body while reciting this one letter Brahma and remembering Me. He goes to attain the ultimate speed!

O Prithanandan, a man of unrelenting mind who constantly remembers Me, I am accessible to that yogi who is constantly engaged in Me, that is, I attain him easily!

Mahatmas by attaining Me do not attain Dukhalaya i.e. the house of sorrows and Ashwat i.e. constantly changing rebirth because they have attained the ultimate perfection, that is, they have attained the ultimate love.

O Arjuna, all the worlds are recurring ones up to Brahma Lok, that is, after going there, one has to return again to the world, but O Kaunteya, there is no rebirth after attaining Me!

Those men who know one day of one thousand Chaturyugi of Brahma and one night of one thousand Chaturyugi, they know the day and night of Brahma.

At the beginning of the day of Brahma, the whole body is born from the avyakt (the subtle body of Brahma) and in the beginning of the night of Brahma, the whole body gets absorbed in that avyakt name (the subtle body of Brahma).

O, Partha, this same animal community is born and is controlled by nature, arises during the day of Brahma, and gets absorbed during the night of Brahma.

But other than that avyakt (subtle body of Brahma) which is avyakt (God) in the most elevated form, it does not perish even after the destruction of all beings.

The same is called avyakt and axar such and that is called the ultimate speed and on attaining which the living beings do not return to the world again, that is my supreme abode.

O Prithanandan Arjuna, in whom the whole being is included, and from whom this entire world pervades, that Supreme Supreme Soul, the Supreme Soul, is worthy of being attained by exclusive devotion!

But O Arjuna, the best among the descendants of Bharata, the time in which yogis who have left their bodies on the path attain anavriti(exposure), that is, they do not come back, and the path in which they attain the frequency, that is, they come back to that period, that is, on both the paths. To whom I will say!

Brahm Vetta Purush who left his body on the path in which the Lord of Fire, the Lord of the day, the Lord of the day, and the Lord of the six-month-long Uttarayan, left the body (first after attaining the world of Brahma and followed by Brahma). are received!

The path in which the lord of smoke is the lord of the night, the lord of the Krishna side, and the lord of the six months of Dakshinayana, the yogi (successful man) who has left his body, returns after attaining the light of the moon, that is, to birth and death. is received!

Because both these motions of Shukla and Krishna have been considered to be related to the world since time immemorial.

O Prithanandan, no yogi who knows these two paths is deluded, therefore, O Arjuna, at all times be yogic (located in equanimity)!

The yogi (devotee) knowing this (the subject mentioned in this chapter) transcends all the virtuous fruits which have been said in the Vedas in the sacrifices, in austerities, and in charity, and the original place is attained to the Supreme Lord.