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What did Shri Krishna tell Arjuna About His Many Forms?

What did Shri Krishna tell Arjuna About His Many Forms?

Shri Bhagwan said____ O great arms Arjuna, you still listen to My supreme word, which I will say with the desire of good luck to you who have a great love for me!

Neither the gods nor the Maharishi knows about my appearance because I am the origin of the gods and the great sages in all respects.

The man who knows Me as the unborn, eternal, and the great God of all the worlds, that is, firmly (without doubt) accepts him, he is the wisest of men and he becomes free from all sins.

Wisdom, knowledge, dissatisfaction, forgiveness, truth, sorrow, origin, destruction, fear, fear, fearlessness and non-violence, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity, fame, and failure.

The seven Maharishis and the four sanakadis and the fourteen Manus who preceded them, all of them were born from my mind and are the ones who have devotion (reverence) in me, in whose world these whole subjects are!

A person who knows this divine and yoga (Samatrya) of mine from the essence, that is, accepts it firmly (without doubt), becomes full of unwavering devotional yoga, there is nothing in doubt about it!

Considering that I am only the influence of the world and the whole world is being influenced by me, that is, making efforts, keeping faith and love in me, intelligent devotees worship me in all respects, they are my refuge in every way!

Those with the mind in me and those who surrender their lives in me (devotees) knowing and narrating among themselves (my qualities, effects, etc.) are constantly satisfied and love in me.

To those devotees who are constantly engaged in Me and worship Me with love, I give that intellect yoga to them by which they attain Me.

In order to be kind to those devotees, I, who reside in their form (being-ness), destroy the darkness born of their ignorance with a lamp in the form of resplendent knowledge.

Arjun said____ Param Brahma, the supreme abode and the great holy You are the Eternal Divine Person, the Adi Dev, the unborn and all-pervading, all the sages call you, Devarshi Narada, Asit Deval, and Vyasa, and you yourself also say this to Me!

O Keshav, whatever you are saying to me, I believe it to be true, O Lord, neither the gods nor the demons know about your appearance!

O Bhoot Bhavan, O Bhutesh, O God Dev, O Jagatpate, O Purushottama, you know yourself from yourselves!

That is why you are capable of fully describing all your transcendental manifestations by which you are situated by pervading all these worlds.

O yogin, how can I know you by constantly meditating on the song, and in what ways can you be meditated upon by me, oh Lord, in what ways should I contemplate on you!

O Janardan, tell me again in detail about your yoga (power) and glories, because listening to your nectar-filled words, I am not satisfied!
Shri Bhagwan said____ Yes, well I will say my transcendental glories to you first (briefly) because O Kurukshetha there is no end to the expansion of my glories!

O Arjuna, the conqueror of sleep, I am the beginning, middle, and end of all beings and I am the soul situated in the heart of all beings.

I am Vishnu (Vaman) among the sons of Aditi and the sun with rays among the light objects, I am the radiance of the Maruts and the Moon, the ruler of the constellations.

I am Samaveda among the Vedas, Indra among the gods, the mind among the senses, and the consciousness of beings.

Among the Rudras I am Shankar, and among the Yaksha demons I am Kubera, among the Vasus the purifying fire and among the peak mountains, I am Sumeru.

O Partha, consider Jupiter the chief among the priests as my form, among the commanders I am Kartikeya, and among the water bodies I am the ocean!

Among the great sages, I am Bhrigu and in the words (words) I am Pranava, chanting in all the sacrifices, and among those who are situated, I am the Himalayas.

Among all the trees, among the Peepal deities, I am Narada, among the Gandharvas, Chitraratha, and among the Siddhas, I am Kapil Muni.

Among the horses, consider the horse Uchchai Shrava, who appears from the sea with the nectar, among the superior elephants the elephant named Airavat, and among men the king as my glory!

Among the weapons I am Vajra and Dhanus, I am Kamdhenu, I am Kamadeva for the birth of children and among snakes I am Vasu.

Among the serpents, I am Eternal (Sheshnag) and Varuna, the ruler of the water animals, I am Aryama among the ancestors, and Yamraj among the rulers.

Among the demons I am Prahlad and among the astrologers, I am Kaal, among the animals I am the lion, and among the birds I am Garuda.

Among those who sanctify, I am Rama in the air and in the arms, but I am among the water animals, and in the rivers, I am the Ganges.

O Arjuna, I am the beginning, middle, and end of all the creations, I am the matter to be made in the disciplines of spiritual science (Brahmavidya) and those who argue with each other (for the principle of decision).

Akar in letters and conflict in words, I am the Akshaya Kaal i.e. the Mahakaal of Kaal and the face of all sides (I am also the one who nurtures everyone!

I am the destroyer of death and the one to be born in the future, and I am the glory of Shri Vaak (speech), memory, intelligence, and forgiveness in the female race!

Among the Shrutis to be sung I am the Brihatsam and among all the verses I am the Gayatri chhand, in the twelve months I am the path head and in the six seasons, I am the spring.

Among the deceivers, I am the yoke and among the brilliant ones I am the glory (of the victors), I am the victory (of those who decide) I am the determination and the sattvik feeling of the sattvik men!

Among the Vrishnivanshis I am the son of Vasudeva, Shri Krishna, and among the Pandavas, I am Arjuna, among the sages, I am Ved Vyas and among the poets, I am also the poet Shukracharya.

Among the oppressors, I am the policy of punishment and among those who seek victory, I am the silence in secret feelings and I am the knowledge among the wise.

And I am the seed (the root cause) of all beings, O Arjuna because that variable is not a constant being without Me, that is, I am everything that is constant.

Oh but Arjuna is not the end of my transcendental glories. The detail of my (my) glories that I have said in front of you, this is just a brief summary.

Whatever opulence-rich, graceful and powerful creature, and substance are, consider it to be born out of a part of my own effulgence (yoga i.e. power).

Or O Arjuna, why do you need to know so many things when I am situated in one part of me pervading the whole world, that is, the infinite universe is in one part of me!