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What secret did Krishna tell Arjuna?

 What secret did Krishna tell Arjuna?

Shri Bhagwan said _____ this very secret science and knowledge without fault sight for you, then I will say it again well knowing that you will be freed from inauspicious i.e. from the world in the form of birth and death!

It is the king of all knowledge (including science) and the king of all secrets. Very easy!

Oh but the people who do not have faith in the glory of this religion, instead of attaining Me, they keep returning to the path of the world in the form of death, that is, they keep dying again and again.

 All this world is pervaded by my incorporeal form, all beings are situated in me, but I am not situated in them and those beings are also not situated in me, seeing the yoga (power) related to my God, the creator of all beings and the sustainer of beings. My form is not situated in those beings.

Just as the great wind that circulates everywhere is always situated in the sky, similarly all beings are situated in Me, believe that!

O Kunti Nandan, when the kalpas are destroyed (at the time of the great catastrophe), the whole beings attain my nature and at the beginning of the kalpas (at the time of great canto) I create them again!

Due to being under the control of nature, I create this entire community of creatures (in the beginning of the ages) by controlling my nature again and again!

O Dhananjay, while remaining unattached and indifferent to those (creation of creation etc.) actions, those actions do not bind me!

Nature creates the whole world under my presidency, O Kunti Nandan, for this reason, the world changes (in various ways)!

Foolish people disobeying me, considering me as a dependent of the human body, that is, as an ordinary human, not knowing the best of all my beings as the great God.

Those who take shelter of demonic, demonic, and bewitching nature, all hopes of such unwise men are in vain, all good deeds are in vain and all knowledge is in vain, that is, their hopes, actions, and knowledge (understanding) are not fruitful!

But O Prithanandan, the souls of the divine, who are dependent on the divine nature, worship me, considering me as the beginning and imperishable of all beings!

Those who are constantly engaged in Me, being steadfastly fasting, diligently engaged in the means, and worship Me with love and loving devotion and salutations to Me!

Other Sadhaks worship me by worshiping me in one spirit (with non-discrimination) through the Yagya of knowledge, and many other seekers also consider themselves to be separate as my cosmic form with faces all around, that is, considering the world as my cosmic form as a serviceable servant. Worship me in many ways!

I am Yagya, I am Swadha, I am medicine, I am mantra, I am ghee, I am fire and I am also the form of Havan, I am also capable of knowing the holy Omkar, Rigveda, Samveda and Yajurveda, I am also the father of this whole world. Bharta lord witness abode, shelter, origin, holocaust place, nidhan (store) and the imperishable seed, I am also!

O Arjuna (for the benefit of the world) I am the one who burns in the form of the sun, I accept the water and (then I myself) shower that water with rain (what else to say) nectar and death and truth and I am the same!

Those who perform the fruitful rituals stated in the three Vedas and drink the Somaras, who pray to attain heaven by worshiping Me (in the form of Indra) through sacrifices (in the form of Indra), they (as a result of virtues) attain the holy Indra Loka there. Enjoy the divine pleasures of the gods of heaven!

After enjoying the pleasures of that vast heavenly world, they come to the world of death when they become virtuous.

I bear the Yoga Kshema (gaining of the unrealized and protection of the attained) of those devotees who worship me well while thinking of me, those devotees who are constantly engaged in me.

O Kunti Nandan, all the devotees (human beings) who worship other deities with reverence, they also worship Me but they do it illegally, that is, they consider the gods to be different from me!

Because I am the enjoyer and master of all the sacrifices, but they do not know me from the essence, due to which they fall!

Those who worship the gods (after leaving the body) attain the gods, those who worship the ancestors get the ancestors, those who worship the ghosts and the ghosts get the ghosts, but only those who worship me get me. Huh!

The devotee who lovingly offers me letters, flowers, fruits, water, etc. (such as achievable and spontaneously obtained things), I eat the gift (offering) given lovingly by the devotee who is engrossed in me, that is, I accept it. Am!

O son of Kunti, whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you do, whatever you do, offer it to me!

In this way (by my offering) you will be freed from the bondage of karma and from the fruits of all good (prescribed) and inauspicious (forbidden) actions, in such a way that you who have surrendered everything including yourself to Me and most completely liberated, will attain you!

I am equal to all living beings (in those beings) no one hates me or is dear to me, but those who worship me with love are in me and I am in them too!

If someone, even the most wicked of the wicked, worships me as an exclusive devotee, then he should be considered a sage because he has definitely done it very well!

He becomes righteous immediately (at that very moment) and attains everlasting peace, O Kunti Nandan, my devotee does not fall, take such a vow!

O Prithanandan, whosoever is a sinner, and all the women, Vaishyas and Shudras, also by taking complete refuge in Me, they undoubtedly attain the supreme speed!

Those who are devotees of Kshatriya Lord in the form of Brahmins and sages who conduct pious conduct (may they attain supreme speed), what is there to say in this, so after attaining this impermanent and mouthless body, worship Me!

You become my devotee, become a man of my heart, become the one who worships me, and by saluting me in this way, by imposing yourself with me, you have attained to me only!