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Which Divine Form did Shri Krishna Show Arjuna?

Which Divine Form did Shri Krishna Show Arjuna?

Which Divine Form did Shri Krishna Show Arjuna?

 Arjuna said ______ this attachment of mine has been destroyed by the most secret spiritual words you said just to have mercy on me!

Because, O Kamalnayan, I have heard in detail from you the origin and destruction of all beings and have also heard your imperishable greatness!

O Purushottama, the way you treat yourself, this is exactly what I want to see in your God-relative form.

O Lord, that opulent form of yours can be seen by me, if you believe so, then show me that imperishable form of yours, O Yogeshwar!

Shri Bhagwan said ______O Prithanandan, now you see hundreds of thousands of supernatural forms of my many types and many colors (colors) and figures!

O Bharatavanshodbhava Arjuna, see the twelve Adityas, the eight Vasus, the eleven Rudras, the two Ashwini Kumars, and the forty-nine Marudgans, whom you have never seen before, see many such wonderful forms too!

O Arjuna, the conqueror of sleep, in one country of this body of mine, see the whole world including the pasture, except this, see whatever else you want to see.

But you cannot see me with this eye (skin), so I give you the divine eye so that you can see my divine power.

Sanjay said____ O Rajan, saying this again, Maha Yogeshwar Lord Shri Krishna showed Arjuna the supreme aishwar vast form!

Who has many faces and eyes, has many wonderful visions, has many supernatural ornaments, has many divine weapons in hands and who has divine garlands around his neck, who is wearing supernatural clothes, whose forehead and body are covered with divine moon kumkum, etc. Such complete The Lord has shown the God (his divine form) with infinite forms and faces everywhere in wonder.

Even if thousands of suns rise simultaneously in the sky, the light of all of them together can hardly be like the light of that Mahatma (God in the form of Virat), that is, it cannot be!

At that time Arjuna saw the whole world divided into various divisions located at one place in that body of the God of Gods.

Arjuna was very surprised to see the world form of the Lord and his body was thrilled due to surprise, he bowed down to Vishwaroop Dev with folded hands and said.

Arjuna said ______ God, I see in your body all the deities and special communities of beings and Brahma ji sitting on Kamalasana, Shankar ji, all the sages, and divine snakes!

O world form, O Vishweshwar, I am seeing you with many hands, stomachs, faces, and eyes, and with infinite forms from all sides, I am seeing neither the beginning nor the middle nor the end!

I see you holding the Kirit (crown), the mace wheel (and the conch shell and the Padam), the amount of effulgence in you, with the resplendent fire of light everywhere and the sun-like radiance hard to see and impenetrable from all sides. I'm looking at the form!

You are the supreme alphabet (Akshar Brahm) to be known, you are the ultimate refuge of this entire world, you are the protector of Sanatan Dharma and you are the imperishable eternal person, I believe that!

I see you devoid of the beginning, middle, and end, with infinitely powerful, infinite arms, eyes like the moon and sun, with flaming fire-form faces, and burning this world with my brilliance!

O great man, this gap between heaven and earth is shown and the one is full of you, seeing this wonderful and fierce form of yours, the three worlds are getting disturbed.

Those same communities of deities are entering into you, many of them are frightened and chanting (of your names and qualities) with folded hands, praising you through the best hymns, saying that the community of Maharishis and Siddhis are well-being. are doing!

The eleven Rudras, twelve Adityas, eight Vasus, twelve Sadhyagans, ten Vishwa Devas and two Ashwini Kumars, and ninety Marudgans and those who eat hot food (seven Pitrugans) and Gandharva, Yakshas, ​​Asuras and Siddhas (they) are all looking at you in astonishment!

O Mahabaa, seeing your great form with many mouths and eyes, many arms, thighs and feet, very belly and very voluminous beards, all the living beings are getting upset and I am also getting upset!

Because, O Vishnu, you are resplendent with many characters, you are touching the sky, that is, you are very big from all sides, your face is spread, your eyes are bright and huge, seeing you like this, I am not able to get patience and peace. Am!

Burning like the fire of your doomsday and seeing the formidable (terrible) faces due to beards, I am neither getting knowledge of the directions nor am getting peace, so be happy, O Lord, O Jagannivas!

Bhishma Drona and that Karna, along with the main warriors of our side, are entering into you, all the sons of Dhritarashtra, along with the communities of kings, are entering very fast because of your formidable beards, many of them One looks like you are stuck between your teeth with crushed ends!

Just as the waters of many rivers naturally run in front of the sea, so the great warriors of the world are entering your resplendent mouths from all sides!

Just as moths, running with great speed to destroy themselves, enter the igniting fire, similarly all these people (out of disillusionment) are entering your mouths running with great speed to destroy themselves!

You are licking the whole world again and again from all sides with your blazing mouth, and O Vishnu, your fiery light is filling the whole world with its brilliance and burning them all!

Tell me who are you in the fierce form? Salutations to you, the best of the gods, you be happy, I want to know you from the essence because I do not know your nature very well!

Shri Bhagwan said _____ I am the increased Kaal to destroy all the worlds and at this time I have come here to destroy all these people, the warriors who are standing in your opposition, all of them will not live without you (fighting)!

Therefore you stand up (for the war) and achieve fame and conquer your enemies and enjoy a kingdom full of food grains, all these have already been killed by me, O Savyasachin, that is, Arjuna who shoots arrows with both hands (you kill them). I) become a mere instrument.

You kill Drona and Bhishma and Jayadratha and Karna and all the other warriors killed by me, do not grieve and fight in battle (you will undoubtedly win the enemies)!

Sanjay said _____, trembling (with fear) after hearing this word of Lord Keshav, the Keret-wielding Arjun saluted with folded hands and, in spite of being frightened, bowed again and spoke to Lord Krishna with a gleeful voice!

Arjuna said ______O God, the whole world is rejoicing because of your chanting (of your name Guna Leela) and Anurag (love) is being attained (by chanting your name, guna, etc.), being frightened by the chanting of your name, the demons are running in ten directions. And all the Siddhas are saluting you, it is all right!

O guru of great masters and even the first doers of Brahma, why not do salutations to you (those Siddha Ganas), because O eternal God, O Jagannivas, you are the form of the alphabet, you are also true, you are also untrue and from them (truth from untruth) You are whoever you are!

You are the Adi Dev and Puran Purush and You are the ultimate shelters of this world, You are the one who knows all, the knowable and the supreme abode, O infinite form, the whole world is pervaded by You!

You are Vayu, Yamraj, Agni, Varun, Moon, Daksha, Adi Prajapati, and Prapitamaha (also the father of Brahma ji), Namaskar to you thousands of times, and yet, again and again, Namaskar to you!

O all, salutations to you from the front as well as from behind, salutations to you from all sides (from the ten directions), oh infinitevirya, you have kept everyone (in one country) with infinite might, so everything is you!