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Who were Jatayu and Sampati

 Arun's sons were Jatayu and Sampati 

Two birds Sampati and Jatayu are described in Ramayana. Both these birds were brothers and the god bird was the son of Arun. Both of them were descendants of sage Kashyap because sage Kashyap had two sons from his wife Vinata – Arun and Garuda. 

Garuda served as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu and Arun was the charioteer of Lord Surya. Both of them used to roam near Vindhyachal mountain and used to protect the sage's sacrifices from the demons.

Sampati's wings were burnt while saving Jatayu 

Sampati and Jatayu were very powerful and divine. He protected the Yagyas like the sages and killed many powerful demons. One day Sampati and Jatayu took a long flight with the aim of touching the Sun-sphere in the interest of their power. 

Due to the unbearable radiance of the sun, Jatayu's wings started burning, then Sampati protected him under his wings, but on reaching near the sun, Sampati's wings were burnt due to the heat of the sun and he fell unconscious on the beach. Similarly, Jatayu also got affected by the brilliance of the Sun and fell down on a mountain. And thus the two brothers got separated.​

A sage passing by saw Sampati and he felt pity for his condition. He treated him and blessed him that at some point in time some messenger of God will come, by whose darshan your wings will grow again.

Jatayu's meeting with Shri Ram 

Jatayu used to live in the Panchavati forest of Nashik, one day while hunting, he met Maharaj Dasharatha, and since then he and Dasharatha became friends. At the time of exile, Lord Shri Ram had started living in Panchavati by making foliage, at that time he met Jatayu for the first time. 


Jatayu's meeting with Shri Ram

Rama told them that he was the son of King Dasharatha. Jatayu was very pleased on hearing the name of King Dasharatha because King Dasharatha was his old friend. Out of curiosity, he started asking about the well-being of his friend, but on hearing the news of Dasharatha's death, he became mournful. Then Shri Ram took care of them, and Jatayu promised the Lord to protect them in the forest.

Battle of Jatayu and Ravana 

When Ravana was flying in the sky after kidnapping Sita, Jatayu reached there after hearing Sita's lament and tried to stop Ravana. Jatayu fought a terrible battle with Ravana but in the end, Ravana cut off his mighty wings with his sword. Jatayu fell to the ground dying and Ravana went towards Lanka with Sitaji.


Battle of Jatayu and Ravana

While searching for Sita, Shri Ram and Lakshmana were wandering in the forests, and on the way, they found Jatayu in a wounded condition. Jatayu was lying there in a dying condition with many pains and pains.

 Jatayu narrated the whole story to Rama and also told in which direction Ravana had gone. Seeing such condition of Jatayu, tears flowed from the eyes of Shri Ram. He told Jatayu that he would heal his wounds and make him healthy again. But Jatayu said that the mere sight of your Lord gives salvation to man, and see my good fortune, I will get death in your lap. 

Your search for Mother Sita and punish that Ravana with death. If my sacrifice can be of any use to you, then the goal of my life will be fulfilled. Now let me attain salvation. Thus Jatayu happily gave up his life in the lap of Shri Ram. After the death of fatherlike Jatayu, Rama performed his last rites and Pind Daan there.

Meeting with the property of the Monkey Army 

When Jamwant, Angad, Hanuman, etc. were going to find Sita Mata along with their monkey army, they saw Sampati, a giant bird without wings on the beach, who wanted to eat them, but Jamwant narrated the pain to that bird, and Angad, etc.

 The news of the death of his brother Jatayu was given. Sampati was deeply saddened to hear the news of his brother's death. He was getting desperate to take vengeance on Ravana but was helpless due to his lack of wings.​

Meeting with the property of the Monkey Army

Sampati told the monkey army that "Yes, I also heard the news of Sita's abduction to Ravana." In fact, on the way after Jatayu, Sampati's son Suparsh saw the demon king Ravana carrying Sita. Sampati was unable to fly due to a lack of wings, so Suparshva used to collect food for him.

 One evening Suparshva reached Sampati without taking meat, on which Sampati asked the reason for not bringing meat, Suparshva told- 'Some terrible demon was going to the other end of the sea with a beautiful woman. The woman said 'Ha Ram, Ha Lakshmana!' She was crying out for protection and was moaning a lot. I was lost in watching this horrifying sight and did not care to bring the meat.

Sampati Detect Sita from her distant vision 

Sampati experienced a new consciousness and power in himself after seeing the divine monkey army chiefs Hanuman and Angad, and finally, seeing Angad's request from his vision told that Sita Mata is sitting under the supervision of some demons in the Ashoka Vatika in the kingdom of Lanka.

Sampati Detect Sita from her distant vision

 Sampati was the one who inspired and encouraged the monkeys to go to Lankapuri. And thus Sampati's contribution to the Ramayana became unforgettable and it was only through him that the search for Sita Mata became possible.