Biggest Mystery About Lord Krishna

Biggest Mystery About Lord Krishna

  • The meeting and marriage of Radha-Krishna at the symbolic place-

According to Brahmavaivarta Purana Prakriti Khand Adhyay 48 and a story from Garga Samhita written by Garga Rishi, the patriarch of Yaduvanshis, Krishna and Radha were married in childhood. It is said that once Nandbaba went out to visit the market with Shri Krishna when he saw a beautiful and supernatural girl. That lady turned into none apart from Radha.

Krishna and Radha saw each other there for the first time. Both were enchanted seeing each other. The area where Radha and Krishna met for the primary time is referred to as Sanket Tirtha, possibly among Nandgaon and Barsane. Today there may be a temple in this area.  This is called the signal space. It is believed that both of them had decided in their previous life that we have to meet at this place. Every year a fair is held here from Radha's birthday i.e. from Radhashtami to Anant Chaturdashi.

According to the Garga Samhita, in a forest, Brahma himself was given Radha and Krishna married a Gandharva. Shri Krishna's father often took him to the nearby village of Bhandir. There he used to meet Radha. Once upon a time, when he went to Bhandir village with his father, suddenly a bright light flashed and the weather started deteriorating, in no time there was only darkness around.

A transcendental personality was experienced in this darkness. She was none other than Radharani. Leaving his baby shape, Shri Krishna assumed the shape of a teen and in this forest, Brahma Ji was given Radha-Krishna married withinside the presence of Vishakha and Lalita  After the marriage, the atmosphere became normal and Radha, Brahma, Vishakha, and Lalita disappeared.

Actually, this real event has been embellished. Radha was indeed older than Krishna and due to societal pressures, it was not possible to marry a girl much older in age.  But if there ought to have been love among the two, then virtually the Gandharva marriage turned into performed secretly and saved a secret?

  •  Where was Radha born and married?

Radha is not mentioned in the Mahabharata. It is likewise now no longer observed in Bhagavata Purana. Radha is mentioned in Padma Purana and Brahmavaivarta Purana. According to Padma Purana, Radha was the daughter of a gopi named Vrishabhanu. According to Brahmavaivarta Purana, Radha turned into a friend of Krishna, and she or he turned into married to someone named Rapan, Rayana, or Ayanghosha.

Some pupils agree that Radhaji turned into born in Rawal village close to the Yamuna and later her father settled in Barsana. But most believe that he was born in Barsana. The world-famous temple of Radharani is situated on the hill of Barsana village. Radha is called 'Ladli' in Barsana.

According to Prakriti Khand Adhyay 49 Shlok 35, 36, 37, 40, 47 of Brahmavaivarta Purana, Radha was Krishna's maternal aunt, as she was married to Krishna's mother Yashoda's brother Rayana. According to verses 25, and 26 withinside the 5th chapter of Brahmavaivarta Purana Brahmakhand, Radha has been proved to be the daughter of Krishna.

Radha's husband Rayana was a part of Shri Krishna in Goloka. Therefore, from the relationship with Goloka, Radha became the daughter-in-law of Shri Krishna. It is believed that Rayan lived in Gokul.  In this manner, Radha has a relationship with Shri Krishna in her preceding existence as well. Also that she is likewise taken into consideration the shape of Lakshmi.

  • Krishna did not keep the promise-

According to another legend, Radha and Krishna fell in love with each other. At that time Krishna was 8 years old and Radha was 12 years old. When the people of Radha's house came to know about this, they imprisoned her in the house itself. There were many reasons for doing this. One reason was that Radha was engaged.

When Krishna came to know about this, he freed him from captivity and brought him to Yashoda Maa. Yashoda Maa was also stunned to see this. Then he explained a lot to Krishna that Lalla, it is not right to do this. I will get you married to another, but Krishna will not agree.

Later Yashoda Maiya and Nandbaba took them to Rishi Garg. Then Garga Rishi explained to Kanha that he was born for some great purpose, so he cannot be bound by any attachment. Leave this useless stubbornness. Hearing this, Kanha became sad and during that time his call came to Mathura. Then he left Vrindavan and went to Mathura forever. Krishna had gone to Radha with a promise that he would come back, but Krishna never came back to Radha and this pain always remained in the mind of Radha and Krishna.

  • There are traces of love in the streets of Vrindavan.

Radha's village was Barsana. Kanha first started living in Gokul, then Nandgaon and later in Vrindavan. Radha's family members had also come to live in Vrindavan itself. It was there that the love of Radha and Krishna, born from the symbolic shrine, flourished. It is said that childhood love is never forgotten.

At that time, there was so much buzz in Vrindavan on the day of Holi that the people of both the villages Barsana and Nandgaon used to gather in Vrindavan. Nandgaon Toli used to come from Barsane and Toli used to go from Nandgaon too. Two hills meet near Barsana village. Their valley is very little wide. It is believed that the gopis used to go to sell curd and butter on this route. It was here that sometimes Krishna used to snatch or break his pot of butter.

Vishnu Purana describes the interests of Krishna in Vrindavan.  It is believed that it is here that Lord Krishna and Radha used to take a couple baths at a ghat. This is where Shri Krishna and the gopis used to play a game of eye-catching. It is here that Shri Krishna and all his friends and associates used to organize a dance festival on the Rasleela i.e. Teej-festivals. Because of the mischief of Krishna, he is called Banke Bihari. Here the story of Lord Krishna is associated with each ghat of Yamuna Ghat.

The poets of Bhaktikal have written many poems about the short time that Krishna had spent in Nandgaon and Vrindavan. When Krishna left Vrindavan and went to Mathura to kill Kansa, his life changed completely. After killing Kansa, turmoil started in his life.

  • The touching story of Radha and Krishna's love-

Love was born due to the first meeting between Radha and Krishna at the sign site and then later in Vrindavan. Childhood love is very deep and selfless. At that time Shri Krishna was 8 years old and Radha was 12 years old. It is said that at that time only two things were dear to Shri Krishna - flute and Radha. Hearing the tune of Krishna's flute, like Radha, the soul would go out. Efforts were made to scrape the memories of many births and she used to get drawn toward Shri Krishna.

Radha separated from Lord Krishna for the first time, when Shri Krishna was leaving Vrindavan and going to Mathura with Balarama at the invitation of Kansa. Even then he did not know that his life was about to change. This loving life is now going to go to war. The whole of Vrindavan was crying at that time. For Radha, it was like everything was over. Radha's tears dried up. That's all, Shri Krishna could only say to Radha at that time that 'I will return.

But Shri Krishna never returned and in Mathura, he got embroiled in a long struggle. Later he married Rukmani and settled his separate life in Dwarka. Radha's life took a different turn when Krishna left Vrindavan. Radha got married, but Radha lived and died in the separation of Shri Krishna. Radha carried on her married life honestly and when she became old, the hope arose in her mind to see Shri Krishna once before she died.

After being relieved of all duties, Radha went to meet her beloved Krishna for the last time. When she reached Dwarka she saw Krishna's palace and his 8 wives, but she was not sad. When Krishna noticed Radha, he turned into very pleased. It is stated that each saved speaks to every different withinside the language of symptoms and symptoms for a protracted time. Then at Radha`s request, Krishna appointed her as a goddess withinside the palace

It is said that Radha used to look after the work related to the palace there and she used to see Krishna as soon as she got a chance. One day, depressed, Radha decided to leave the palace. She thought that she would go away and establish a deep intimate relationship with Shri Krishna again. However, Shri Krishna was an interlocutor and he knew about Radha's mind.

It is said that Radha started living in a forest village. Gradually time passed and Radha became all alone and weak. At that time he started to remember Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna appeared in front of him at the last moment. Lord Krishna asked Radha to ask for something from him, but Radha refused. On Krishna's request again, Radha said that she wanted to see and hear him playing the flute for the last time. Shri Krishna took the flute and started playing it in a very melodious tune.

Shri Krishna played the flute day and night. One day Radha left her body while listening to the tune of the flute. It is said that Shri Krishna could not bear the death of his beloved and broke the flute and threw it into the bush. After that Shri Krishna never played the flute in his life!